Mastering Our Thoughts: A Practice Towards Inner Peace

American writer Dale Carnegie grasped the immense power of our thoughts: “Remember, happiness doesn’t depend upon who you are or what you have; it depends solely upon what you think.”

Our thoughts have extraordinary power over the unfoldment of our reality.

Our thoughts are the source of our emotions, which, in turn, informs our energy, and determines the invisible intentions we put out into the world.

In the most recent years, scientific data has provided evidence that our human energetic field affects the universal magnetic field around us, changing the time and space continuum at our level of existence. Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, a professor of physics at St. Petersburg State Technical University, states that when we think positive and negative thoughts, each have a different impact on our surrounding environment. The consciousness that stems from our thoughts emits a vibrational frequency that expresses our personal energy and attracts experiences of similar energetic waves.

If the flapping of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil can affect the wind patterns in Northern America, then imagine the span of our thoughts? Every thought is a cause that has an effect; that effect, positive or negative, is contingent upon our mindset.

Are we thinking with love or are we thinking with fear?

Thoughts imbued with love have a positive effect on our external reality just as thoughts imbued with fear will affect our external reality negatively. We are master attractors through the power of thought and energy, always attracting people and experiences that match our vibration. When was the last time you thought of someone only to see the name of that very same person appear on your phone?

The power of thinking with love is our greatest power.

The practice of aligning our thoughts with love is a liberating practice that strengthens our attitudinal muscles. It is that practice that gives us breezy, reactive space when we get triggered.

I personally use a mantra whenever fear or negativity arises within my mind: I choose to see love instead of this. Every single time.

What ensues is a liberation of anxiety and negative focus back to love and trust that everything is exactly as the Universal mind has designed it. There is no problem that love cannot solve as long as we are committed to see the silver lining in any given situation.

I would invite you to repeat that mantra whenever you experience the onset of negative beliefs and expect miracles. We need to retrain our mind if we are to strive for a more mindful world.

Just as staying focused on love is a catalyst for miracles, living in a state of allowing is necessary to foster the highest possibilities for our life. Disowning our resistance to our current circumstances that are outside of our control frees up our energy to focus on what we can control: our attitude.

Deconstruct our thought patterns by witnessing the forms that no longer serve us. An undisciplined mind can accomplish nothing. The more we find our way back to love via each mental vibration, the more joyful and liberating our emotions become.

ONE mantra: I choose to see love instead of this.