Mantra – By Michelle Johnson

I’m not bragging or anything, but…

Everything always works out perfectly for me! That has been my mantra for the past 2 ½ months and it has worked miracles in my life!

I’ve always been a very positive minded person and especially in the past couple of years have been more mindful of my thoughts throughout the day and keeping them in alignment with a higher order. Even in doing so, I found myself struggling from time to time with thoughts of worry and uncertainty. As soon as I would push those thoughts out of my mind, they would circle around and come right back in! Then I would find myself very frustrated because I was having such difficulty controlling my thoughts, which then perpetuated the entire uneasy and anxious feelings.

I reached out to some of my very wise and inspiring friends explaining what I was going through and among all the love and support, one friend came back with this very simple yet profound advice:

“The mantra that has served me amazingly well over the years is this:

Things always work out perfectly for me.

There is no struggle….only breaking through ego to the place where all is recognized as Divine order.”

Forever grateful I will be to my friend for these words! I want to share this gift with everyone on LTTH, because it brings me such peace in the midst of chaos, comfort in the times of uncertainty and faith that all works out for the greatest good.

Even when things didn’t work out the way I wanted them to, I started chanting in my head, “Everything always works out perfectly for me!” over and over. By stepping in to that space I am in a positive state of mind thus allowing God/Universe to work in Divine time to bring an even better outcome in to existence. Time and time again I have experienced this to be true! Each and every time I say my mantra, I say it with such certainty because it has really truly worked!

At first it was difficult for me to believe what I was saying 100%. But each time I saw the positive outcomes it strengthened my faith. Now I have no doubt in my mind and I know that “Everything always works out perfectly for me!” I only need to allow the Divine to work out all the details. This does not mean I stay in bed all day waiting for things to be ‘worked out’, I continue to ‘knock on doors’ and when one shuts I know to the depth of my soul that another will open to an even better opportunity at exactly the right time.

My hope for you is that you will incorporate this mindset in to your daily lives and be blessed with results that go far beyond your wildest expectations!