Making Sense of the Confusion

As I sit here this morning, on the morning after the tragedy that occurred in Connecticut yesterday, I can feel the heaviness of my heart. I sit here thinking about all the families that have been affected, their loss, their pain, and their grief. I want to somehow make sense of it all and find some meaning in why something like this can happen. I want to understand. The thing is though, we can’t. I don’t think we can ever understand the reasons, never truly understand a tragedy of this magnitude.

We all encounter others in need, those who need a smile or maybe a quarter. We walk by people and can feel their pain and sorrow. There are times we may not even notice, and other times we simply do not know what to do. We forget to call those in our life that we know are in need of some extra cheer. We don’t end the argument that we know in our hearts is unnecessary. We may be feeling our own pain, distraction, or sorrow and simply can not find it within us to demonstrate the beautiful love and compassion we each hold within us.

And so I make my attempt to direct my feelings of sadness, anger, and confusion around this tragedy toward feelings of love, compassion, and support. I form intentions in my heart to impact the world with positivity as I think of all of these families. I hold them in my heart and live the example of love and compassion in honor of each and every one of them. It is the only thing I can do to make sense of anything today. I will find my way to spread love and kindness throughout my corner of the universe and positively impact all of those that I encounter.

My thoughts and prayers are with all the families in Connecticut today. I will move forward in love and kindness in honor and tribute to each and every one of you.


  1. sonoflisterdale December 16, 2012 Reply

    I think you are right to say, no one can make sense of this tragedy. Why do incidents like this happen? I am not certain. Some children, very few possibly, live in a kind of darkness that parents cannot see. These Devine children (as we all were) sadly do not get the guidance to lift themselves out of this Darkness and into the Light of Love. I think their guardian angels are not able to reach them too.
    As older selves, they go through the ritual of being human whilst being manipulated by the manifestation of this Darkness, until what remnant of self control fails them, they do their worst. After this, the hora of their action looms in their minds, human again. No one could live with this, suicide is the only alternative.
    The answer? To ensure every child is bathed in the Light of Love. To drive out the Darkness where ever, through the Light of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Mutual Understanding and Empathy. This last feeling can put some in danger. Absorbing the pain of others too much can in itself cause ill health or even, on occasions suicide.
    I sincerely apologise if my explanation has caused you more grief. I accept Lorna Byrne’s definition of satan, the source of all Darkness.
    Blessings and Light.

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