Love Might Be Blind… but Wisdom Sees Beauty in All – By Marissa Bloom


Perhaps some may call us idealists, dreamers, partakers of a glass half-empty which is perpetually half full; those who choose to seek out the beauty among the mire in the world today.

Love might be blind, it may feel its way through our hearts and our minds; but wisdom sees, it gazes upon our lives and draws out our beauty, often hidden deep inside. To be wise is to open our senses to see with the eyes of our spirit and our mind.

Love is blind, it embraces others regardless of the color of their eyes, hair, skin; but wisdom sees, it celebrates us because of our differences.

Love is blind, it carries on through thick and through thin; but wisdom sees the path and holds our hand along the way.

In my life I have discovered that although love is blind, I can have vision. I have the wisdom to understand that among everyone, everything, there is a beauty worthy to recognize, to honor — to truly see.

Just the other day I was contemplating the depth of love and wisdom; asking myself what they mean to me. I am soon launching my first children’s picture book, on KickStarter, and one of the messages within it is …wisdom sees beauty in all. The words came to me one night as I lay in bed, a sleeping baby at my breast, toddler tucked under my arm. It could be that I was under the influence of oxytocin, the hormone known for good and fuzzy feelings, one many a breastfeeding mother knows well; but I like to think that it came from somewhere deeper and more profound. It floated in, like upon a cloud, gently resting upon my mind and my heart just as the two sweetly slumbering children were embraced in my arms.

It was a message I felt so deeply yet grasped so little; its reach being so far and wide. I yearned to know it, to understand it completely; yet knew, as in a budding relationship, that the romance of revelation would come over time – a life time.

Thus, I write, even muse, today how wisdom sees while love is blind. I find great joy in contemplation and perhaps this opportunity for introspection, seeking beauty, celebration, is the gift these words have given me. A chance to perceive the magnificent, to see the glass half full. The opportunity to rest among those I love [blindly] and don those rose-colored glasses which wisdom beholds.