Look Up


I beg it of you.

There is a whole amazing, beautiful world above our heads – and at eye level too!

By 2019 there will be around 5.6 billion smart phones on the planet. Wow. There are currently 7.129 billion peeps on Earth. The number is mind boggling to me.

I was driving with my wife last night in Hollywood and a homeless gentlemen with a sign in front of him asking for money was too occupied texting on his smartphone to accept help from his fellow humans. Really? Has it come to that? Asking for help while penniless and living on the street and not even having to make eye contact to get it?

Enough. If I were to ask a sample group of folks here in Los Angeles what phase the moon was currently in or when the last time they saw the North Star or Venus was they would shoot me a filthy stink eye like I was some kind of incorrigible monkey for asking such mundane and archaic questions. I believe that if most people got the opportunity to travel to the Moon today, the number one thing on their to do list there would be to take a selfie and Tweet it and pop it on Instagram and Facebook. Or Pin it. Ha!

Here’s my dilemma: I am guilty as well, mostly with family photo posting and work emails. If I don’t pay attention and watch it, I can work 24 hours a day. No bueno. All work and no play make Mark an asshole. We all know the world doesn’t need any more of those.

One thing I am diligently teaching my children is to look people in the eye – always! When they say thank you, hello, goodbye, ask a question, make a statement, laugh, cry – whatever. Why? Because we are human beings desperately looking for a connection; so much so that we will connect on our phones all day to find the love, validation, acceptance and joy that we could very easily get from looking up at the real life version of the phone people – right there in front of us.

I want to connect. I want to feel that I relate to you as we both travel this unknown path on this scary place called Earth. I want you to know that I am as eager to be of value and purpose as you are. It is our nature to talk to one another, to help one another. This is a team effort people. We cant do it alone – wont get us the satisfaction and it wont fill the hole. There is a spiritual solution to all our problems, fears, desires and deficiencies. Personally, I don’t believe I can get what I need in order to be spiritual from my phone, Ipad, Ipod, Imac, Icream, whatever….I need you. My kids need your kids. My eyes need your eyes and vice versa.

When I looked up in the sky today, I saw that ole Moon today and it was a beautiful Waxing Crescent Moon. It was a glorious reminder that I wasn’t the most important thing in the world. The sun peeked out, clouds were everywhere, birds were acrobatically cruising the blue, planes full of humans crossed my eyeline and I thought – I hope some of those people are looking out the window seeing what I am seeing.

Tomorrow I am leaving my phone in a drawer – for one day. I can selfie it up on Monday.

Look up everybody – its bitchin up there.