Learning to Love at New Heights – By Jennifer Laurent

I am here now with my heart open as it has never opened before, allowing me to see in a way that I have never seen before, trusting in the universe to take me places I have never been before……


Over the past year I have written about and shared my journey on LTTH. This process has been somewhat of a roller coaster ride, and the gift of writing has helped me to remain on this ride, rather than jumping off and running as far away as I could. I recently wrote a post, asking you all to join me on my Mission of Love. At the time I wrote the post, my discovery of the power that love holds was relatively new. I was beginning to see and feel the effects of love, but had not really had the time yet to experience all of what I had been reading and learning from great teachers and masters. I had not yet truly witnessed the miracle that love is.

It is sometimes in the simplest of moments that we have the greatest revelations. I was washing my face one night, my eyes closed in protection from getting soap into them. I turned the water off and reached out for my towel, trusting fully that I would know exactly where it was. I didn’t begin questioning myself, thinking about what if I was wrong, second guessing myself. I simply stuck my hand out and there it was. As I thought about this further, I realized that I always know exactly where that towel is. Every single night I simply reach my hand out and it is there, without ever needing to get my thought process involved. It was after this revelation that I decided that connecting with the voice of my heart, my inner voice was the same. I promised myself that when I would hear and feel a knowing arise, I would follow it, without allowing the voice of fear to have me question myself. Just like the faith I have that the towel will be there when I reach out my arm, I will have the faith that whatever is meant for me will be there when I reach from my place of truth. When I reach out in love.

Today, I sit in a space of trust and faith. Through my willingness to put forth love, acting from the truth in my heart, I have been able to connect deeply with the sound of my inner voice. My struggle to distinguish between my voice of truth and my voice of fear or ego has greatly diminished. I hear and feel love come through me in each and every situation and am able to know the moment fear steps in to stop me. I have truly learned what it means to follow my heart, as many times I have sat thinking my inner voice is completely crazy. How could this be what I am meant to do? How can I place myself into this type of situation? These types of questions are the voice of fear, reasons not to do or say the thing that our inner voice is guiding us toward. The more I have faced fear in the face, aligned myself with my inner voice, and chosen love, the more I have found faith and trust as my state of being.

I hope that you will all join me on my Mission of Love. I encourage you all to take the risk and begin to follow the voice of your heart. I know how scary it can be, and so maybe the answer is to start small. Maybe it is the urge to paint that fear usually dismisses. Maybe it is the desire to read a book that fear usually has you put back. These small actions will allow you to connect with your heart and soon, the choice to forgive a wrong or love the unlovable won’t seem so impossible. Soon, the choice to love will no longer be a choice at all, it will simply be the way. I hope that you will all join me today, walk with me in healing your selves and the world with love.