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© Jennifer Laurent

© Jennifer Laurent

I originally wrote Excerpts from the Heart of a Mom as a gift to my son. I cherish being a mother and parent with a completely open heart. In my role as a mom, I’ve adopted several philosophies that help me to challenge myself to be better, remain open, and constantly learn. My book contains 25 of these concepts that parents can apply to whatever parenting style feels right to them. I believe these concepts allow parents to tap into and foster their child’s innate and profound wisdom and help their children remain connected to their core or authentic selves. This book is not meant to be read as a “how to”, but rather I hope evokes the image of two moms chatting over coffee sharing stories. My intention is to inspire mothers to open their minds and hearts and most of all to be willing to realize that there can be a different way to parent, which brings great fulfillment, fun, and peace.

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Praise for Excerpts from the Heart of a Mom:

Excerpts from the Heart of a Mom progresses a strong sense of presence by parenting with respect, honesty, focus, each expressed in a brief and easy to absorb chapter elucidated with occasional examples. She gently shreds parenting beliefs that cause our children to be codependent, discouraged, enraged, depressed and unheard, with consequences that reverberate through every layer of modern society. While I think this book is a jewel for all parents and mothers-to-be, I am especially excited about how it brings heart and mind together in a way that will engage mothers who, after much anticipation, have left the stimulation of the workforce and find themselves bored to idiocy by being a mother. I love this book!”

Sharon Porter, SEP, RCST, RPP
Energy Medicine pioneer and trauma specialist

“Jennifer Laurent has transmuted her experiences into an enlightened method for conscious parenting. The world is ripe for her new parenting paradigm based on principles of respect, honesty, and unconditional love. Excerpts from the Heart of a Mom is a beautiful guidebook for us all.”

Debora Wayne CHT, ERYT
Healing, Education, Fine Art, Del Mar California

“Jennifer Laurent’s ideas on parenting are informative and thoughtful. I can attest as her son’s teacher that her ideas, beliefs, and testimonials are on target. Her son is one of the most conscientious, confident, and inquisitive students I have had in my care!”

Christi Iacono,
Pre-Kindergarten Teacher and Yoga Instructor

“I feel truly blessed to have witnessed the journey Jennifer and her son embarked upon in the development years of Excerpts From The Heart of a Mom. Being closely involved with the family since early in her pregnancy, I can attest to the authenticity of the principles and beliefs described within the body of this mother’s journal. The closeness of the mother/son relationship which developed by applying the mutual respect, trust, independence and unconditional love created confidence and the ability to take on risks to better themselves and be in a state of awareness and compassionate to others. This may very well be the “How To” book for turning negative experiences into inner peace and happiness to pass on throughout future generations.”

Aprille Kay Chaffin
Teacher, Governess, Nanny

“Through the winding road of parenting, Excerpts from the Heart of a Mom gives a path to raising our children with honesty, confidence and character. Written from experience, Laurent gives a treasure trove of inspiration that will remind you to parent with your heart and to cherish the journey.”

Stacy McCarthy, Author of Transformational Teaching Through Yoga Adjustments,
Producer and Star of Busy Mom Yoga

“My time is limited; however, my need for support, motivation, and perspective is at an all time high. While many parenting books feel daunting and overly academic, Excerpts from the Heart of a Mom was a wonderful and needed read that reminded me what a gift it is to be my kids’ mom. It is a must read!”

Susan Leahy MA
Mother & Professional Speaker