Je Suis Peace

The greater the breakthrough of human suffering, the greater the catalyst for massive change and these are such times. Last week’s horror in my dear France was yet another horrific tear in the fabric of human consciousness.

My heart sank in sadness and incomprehension when I read the news of the Paris carnage last week. Naively, I wondered why a few individuals used hatred as a means of expressing personal indignation and religious loyalty.
Fear and terror won over connectedness. Another wake up call that reminds us of our oneness as the whole world felt the bleeding heart of the French republic.

Why can’t we all perceive that hatred breeds hatred and that love breeds more love?

Recent generations are being called to not only move beyond the old story of humanity, but also to transcend it, with a radically different thinking. Never has the world witnessed such a wide spread of scientific knowledge demonstrating the predominance of energy over matter. Mind over matter. Love over fear. Light over darkness. We are co-creators of our reality thus we are responsible for the level of consciousness that we emit forth into the collective consciousness.

A Course in Miracles teaches that there is no safety, nor sanity, in the midst of the battleground and that a conscious perspective can only be gained from above the grounds of our current reality.

The choice to remain in the same mental realm only creates more of the same patterns of thoughts and behavior. To create an external shift, we must first reset our internal frame of mind and attune our hearts to a higher frequency of inner peace. A frequency that will eradicate anything that is unloving from our perceptive lens because we project into the world what we feel internally.

The more we engage our minds in the same fear-inducing patterns , the more dangerously oblivious we become to our reality, shutting down the inner mystical electricity that has the capacity to remove all our dark corners of unforgiveness to create a conscious movement of compassion. A stab of attack, a splinter of hatred, automatically snatches our inner peace away, stripping us from our mental strength, and sending us into an egoic detour of attack-defense-attack, forgetting the transformative stamina of love.

As our mind remains identified with the mortal drama of the world, we lose the sacred reference point within our human heart and our default embodiment as bearers of peace. When we lovingly dwell above the sober mist of hostility and extremism, we become a force capable of moving mountains.

Our own inner fears will only deepen the surrounding abyss of darkness and terror. By staying in enmity, we feed the animosity.

The 20th century alone bore the death of 203 million people. Our world’s history seems to be but a continuum of wars ending wars. War cannot transcend itself, only its counterforce can do so; A peaceful force that stems from the seat of the soul, a Gandhi-esque course of action. Such a conscious current cannot exist without setting our mind and our heart on omnipotent forgiveness first. Peace cannot flow from an unforgiving mind and equality of consideration cannot flow from a judging mind.

The mind forgives first, and only then the fist of the activist exclaims its courageous clamor of terminal weariness. Moral indignation without an elevated consciousness only feeds negative energy and loses its power to infuse enlightenment into its course of action.

The French philosopher, Voltaire, said, “If we believe absurdities, we shall commit atrocities.” As long as we hold onto a degrading perception of one another, absurdities in the name of a higher power will be done. Our perception of every single individual is a reflection of our own self-image and bleeds into every crack of our being.

When our inner being is grounded in equality of regard and in the understanding that we all are after the same thing, we simply want to be heard and acknowledged for our existence. We all yearn to be loved for who we are.

Only when we will honor the common thread within the human pursuit, and its common aching for love, will we be empowered to join hearts and minds into a joined venture for peace.

May our conscious venture from now on be defined by the unconditional upholding of the sacred rights of man, and may it be underlined by sustainable peace, now and for centuries to come.