I’m Just Not Myself….

Today was one of those days when I simply was not myself. Sometime in the middle of the day I began to feel that “off” feeling. Even though I became aware of it almost instantaneously, I was unable to connect with exactly what had happened to cause me to energetically shift. As I went through my day, my disconnect with myself seemed to increase and my sense of not being my usual self intensified. No matter how aware I remained, I simply could not shift my energy into a more positive place. I witnessed myself growing tired, frustrated, and sad. I felt anxieties grow and thoughts about the past make their way to the forefront of my mind. I did not like the feeling and did my best to stay with it.

At some point I decided it was time to journal about the “offness” I was feeling as a way to somehow move this energy out of my body. In all honesty, I was in emotional pain and knew I had to work with myself to relieve it. In that process, I found within me the thing that had triggered my negative feelings. I was able to make the connection, acknowledge it, honor myself, and then let it go. Immediately I could feel my energy shift effortlessly into a more positive space and found I was quickly becoming me again.

I decided to share this with you tonight because I know that we all have those days when we are simply not ourselves. Where we feel completely “off” energetically, have a hard time focusing, and maybe even a little bit lost or down. At times we may know exactly why we are feeling this way, while at other times it may seem to come out of the blue. Something is wrong, but we just can’t quite put our finger on what it is. Even though we may be conscious of the entire experience, we still may struggle to find our way to an understanding of why we simply are not ourselves. We chalk it up to a bad day and do not search for the answers.

After my experience today and being able to connect with the cause for my energy shift, I am eager to make these connections in the future. Being curious about our bad feelings can provide opportunities for self-discovery and wisdom. It is important to honor the way we feel and not make an attempt to pretend them away and more importantly, not tell ourselves the false story that there must be something wrong with us. I think that when we do not understand that sense of feeling “off,” we can sometimes be hard on ourselves and cut off from the opportunity to grow. If we are willing to be curious and seek to understand, then we can find the disconnect and realign ourselves in a more positive space.

What beautiful wisdom to know that we are such powerful beings, able to use our feelings as our guide, and realign ourselves into a connected space.