I Choose Kindness

In every situation we can ask ourselves what is the kind thing to do. I recently made a decision to devote myself to kindness.  To set the intention that when faced with a decision about what to do or how to behave, I would listen to my heart and allow it to guide me toward kindness.  Easy right???

As I began to practice this I quickly realized that when faced with this choice it’s usually my ego that prevents me from being kind. Fears quickly surface about the possibility of rejection.  Old emotional injuries surface to remind me that kindness is not deserved. Thoughts are created to warn me that my kindness will not later be reciprocated.  Within a split second I have all the data needed to withhold a kind action and choose otherwise.

I began to understand that at times, kindness is actually the more difficult choice to make.  This is especially true when faced with individuals that had hurt me in the past. Choosing to be kind in these situations felt like having to jump over some sort of hurdle.  With my intention set though, I have been working through my ego and finding ways to jump over those hurdles to find the courage to be kind even though.

What I have learned is that making the kind choice not only benefits the receiver, it benefits me as well.  As I have practiced kindness, I have found that it can be the road out of anger and negativity, the bridge between conflict and forgiveness, and the key to opening my heart and accepting others.  I have experienced healing and forgiveness to be more readily accessible. In addition, my own acts of kindness have served to make the world that surrounds me a kinder place to exist. My dedication to myself is to choose kindness.