How did you know?!?

How Did You Know??

Isn’t it funny the way you can struggle with something for so long in your head, not knowing how to make sense of it or get a grip on whatever it is you are feeling? Isn’t it even funnier when a friend lays it out for you within moments of hearing you speak, knowing exactly what is going on for you and making it all make sense? Well, I had that experience today, and am now sitting with the clarity that was gifted to me. I am grateful and in all honesty, a little bit in shock. How is it possible that someone else can see so clearly within us the things that we cannot see at all?

For a while now I have been feeling very overwhelmed by the amount of balls I seem to be juggling. I have found myself struggling to complete tasks that I do not feel passionate about and therefore have no desire to complete. I have been feeling my resistance, yet not able to get myself ahead of it. The balls keep piling up and I feel as though I am increasingly at risk for dropping them all. This has placed me in a state of frustration, confusion, and fear. And has at moments gotten me to the point of wanting to simply throw in the towel, a thought that does not make me happy. I have been in a state of immobility, causing great difficulty in my ability to connect with my inner voice.

Turns out that since I was unable to hear the truth spoken from the voice of my heart, the truth came in the form of words spoken from a friend. She quickly explained to me that I was crippling myself by getting bogged down in tasks that completely deplete me and remove me from my inner creativity. She reminded me of a very valuable lesson that I think we can all benefit from, it is important to free ourselves from that which depletes us in order to make space for that which energizes us and drives us forward. By placing so much importance on these tasks that quite simply felt like torture, I was cutting off my ability to remain connected to the person I truly am and what I am meant to do.

I think that we all sometimes get caught up in the stuff. The stuff that distracts us, causes us to lose focus, depletes us, and cripples us. The stuff that removes us from our true talents, desires, passions, and goals. It is so important to find ways to clear that all away and find our way back to the journey that inspires us and keeps us moving forward. I am grateful for my friend’s presence in seeing my truth, and her willingness to share so openly with me. I am grateful for the clarity I now have in my head and the connection I once again have to my heart.