Her Inner Warrior

I stand in a space connected and in gratitude of my inner warrior. I am understanding and appreciating her in ways that were unknown to me before. Finding that she is composed of an array of elements that guide me in facing any challenge that comes my way. Learning that she exists at all times, ready to assist me in standing with my head held high and my heart wide open. I simply need to see her, trust her, and have faith in my ability to remain connected to her.

We all find ourselves having to weave our way through darkness at some point in our life. For each and every one of us this darkness looks, feels, smells, sounds, and tastes different. As we seek to find our way out we are forced to see ourselves from a different perspective. At times we find within us things we did not know existed, both good and bad, pretty and ugly. All of what we find is necessary yet not always welcomed.

It seems that we want to shy away from those elements of ourselves that we consider bad or ugly. We want to pretend them away, deny them, resist them, and find a way to change them. On the other side, we want to cling to the elements that we consider to be good or pretty. Elating ourselves and feeling pride in these resources we want these to be known to the world. No matter how hard we try though each and every piece of us desires to be acknowledged and allowed to exist. Each and every piece of us is essential to who we are and our ability to move forward on our journey through this universe.

In coming to truly know my inner warrior I have learned to embrace all parts of me, both pretty and ugly. I have learned that even the ugly parts of me exist for a reason, a reason that seeks to help move me forward. It is by allowing the existence of all of me that I will survive and thrive. It is through this knowledge and acceptance that I find I am ready to share myself with the world. My warrior will keep me steady, guide me, and propel me forward in making a dent in my corner of the universe.