Happily Confused – By Jennifer Laurent

Confusion is defined by Dictionary.com as disorder; upheaval; tumult; chaos, lack of clearness or distinctness, perplexity; bewilderment.

Have you ever felt confused? Have you ever felt confused about something really important to you like love, career, or even life purpose? Did being in a state of confusion feel good to you, a positive state of being or did it feel icky, frustrating, and maybe even exhausting? When I look at the definition of confusion, I see words that automatically trigger negative feelings within me, therefore leading me to believe that confusion is a state of being I wish to avoid. Chaos, upheaval, and disorder are really not words that make me feel warm and fuzzy. How about you?

Recently, well to be honest, for quite awhile now, I have been feeling a great deal of confusion around some important areas in my life. This confusion has had me feeling frustrated, anxious, and depleted. My internal dialogue has sounded something like, “What is wrong with you? Why can’t you figure this out? You should have figured this out by now. Wake up, you are missing things!!” I have meditated, prayed, analyzed, spoken to my heart, and nothing. No answers have come, only more confusion.

I am aware enough to know that when a state of confusion is being felt, my heart and my head are simply not in agreement. I am considering things that are not in alignment with my higher purpose. Sounds simple enough right? Just figure out the answer that is aligned with my true self and then the state of confusion will be over. Well, it appears that it’s not that simple. See, I am so confused that I cannot figure out which voice is coming from my head and which is coming from my heart. So now what?

I happened to be speaking to someone about my confusion yesterday and her response to me was “Great!” Great?? Did she really just say great? She went on to ask me the question, “Have you ever come to any big life decision without a period of confusion?” “Have you ever made any big successful life changes without being confused first?” Well no, I haven’t. She continued, “Well then great. I am excited for you because your confusion means you are working out something and a very huge moment will be coming for you when you do.”

This brief insight on what confusion actually is stopped me in my tracks and made me shift all perspective on the state of being I am currently in. I am feeling confused about certain things, big things, exciting things, things that really matter. How awesome that I get to consider different options and authentically find my way to my own higher purpose. Rather than being a painful endeavor, this process can be a fun exploration, an adventure. There are insights to be made, growth will occur, and wisdom will be found.

Best part about it, at the end there is guaranteed reward… my clarity!

I encourage you all to play with this idea in your own self. Shift your perspective on confusion and welcome it as a wonderful space to be in. If it matters enough to confuse you then I am guessing there is something big brewing, and well, how awesome for you!! Enjoy the adventure in a sate of happy confusion on your road to clarity.