Gems of 2013

December of every year, I take a few days to sit down and write out all the wonderful experiences I had throughout the year, and I call them Gems (an idea which I got from someone somewhere, as most brilliant ideas come).

With the Gems, I loudly celebrate every positive everything. Meanwhile, I quietly contemplate all the areas where I may have faltered and could still grow more. Then I set the goals for the next year to focus on the areas where I need to expand, and then I have a road map for a conscious presence in this world.

I have been journaling since I could first write, I think. I have composition notebooks filled with all kinds of writings. Then the other day my friend Jade said to me, “I started journaling in a sketchbook, so I wouldn’t have to write on the lines anymore.” And I just LOVED that idea! I am the first to be excited to break down any boundaries in my thinking, and so I declared I would get a sketchbook immediately, and she gave me some markers so as not to keep writing with the same dull black pen, and I went to town on my list of 2013 Gems.

And I encourage you to do this:


Take a moment to reflect.

What were your greatest moments of 2013?

Share them with me in your comments, I would love to know anything!

Where do you see that you can still grow and learn?

What could you do to encourage your growth in these areas?

Then take this road map of your soul and live by it and show the world who you are.

This whole thing, this whole thing is YOUR life, and what the people around you need most is your very own happiness. That is the greatest gift you can give anyone.

But you need to know what makes you happy. You need a positive attitude toward yourself and all of your actions. And you need to take full responsibility for ALL of your actions, thoughts and words, for they create everything you see. That’s why it’s important to acknowledge the ways you may be mistaken. Not to judge, for that never does anything good. But to be fully aware, for that is a service to the world.

Your awareness of yourself and your positive attitude toward your life are a gift worth more than any necklace or racecar or purse.

Living your life with purpose, and on purpose, is a gift to yourself first, and then it flows into the world like rivers into oceans.

You deserve to live the life you choose. Your birthright is perfect happiness.

And that is all I have ever wished for me and for you.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! (let us make them truly happy)