Following Fear

I’ve written in the past about fear and finding ways to let go. It is funny that every thing seems to exist in layers. As we let go of one layer of fear there may be other layers that exist beneath it, and on and on. Certain fears run very deep and are in fact hard wired into our being. They may be fears that were born through trauma and pain that we might not even be able to recall. They exist within us, influencing the way we interact in the universe and all that we attract into our realm of existence.

At first we may not even be aware that we are afraid. We exist in our world as we are, living our every day life as we do. Then awareness creeps in and suddenly we are keenly aware that we are afraid. For me, fear presents itself as a constriction of my throat and chest. After this first sign of fear it then expands outwardly until my entire being feels the desire to restrict and retreat from the world. I am not myself and it simply does not feel good. I am now aware that I am afraid yet unable to snap my fingers and change it the way I may want to, which can leave me feeling frustrated and discontent.

Where do we go from here? Once we become aware that we are afraid we are faced with the option to run from it, fight through it, deny it, or allow it to exist and see where it takes us. Historically I am a fighter and my instinct is to therefore fight through it. Face it as my opponent and win. As you might be able to imagine, this can be a difficult and painful struggle that leaves me at times feeling a lack of harmony within.

What I have begun to realize is that there is a way to face down fear without the friction and struggle, a way that is in harmony with my true self. The real courage in facing my fears is not to barrel them over in a bully-like fashion, but rather to stand down and simply be willing to follow them where they need to take me. In making this choice we are accepting the path that will take us down through all the layers of our fear to the very core of it. The unknown of what we will uncover can be quite frightening, leaving us to add fear onto fear. And here is where the courage lies…. To allow our fears to exist so that we can follow them down to their depths in our core, transforming and releasing them with ease.