Finding My Way

I’ve lost me again
Just when I felt I had me
Fell for lies that were said
In an attempt to make you love me
What is it about you?
This hold is so strong
I can’t stop loving you
Even though I know it is wrong
I feel like I’m drowning
In a sea of betrayal
My head pounding and pounding
Why the hell am I so gullible?
I want to be strong
And stand up and fight
Weakness gone for so long
Now it’s claiming it’s right
I see glimmers of freedom
My heart wide open
But again I’m so numb
My heart closed from hoping
So I follow my pain
Trying to learn the lessons
I feel I’ll go insane
Constricted and full of tensions
It’s like I’m frozen in fear
It underlies my very being
The unknown I sit with here
I am prevented from seeing
That I know the way out
Know how to claim my existence
You are not what my life is about
Rather you represent my resistance
I know just where to start
How to set myself free
Time to open my heart
And be exactly who I am meant to be