Finding Inspiration

There are some days when we simply effervesce inspiration, ideas flow into our minds so fast we cannot even capture them quickly enough. We write them down and hope that when we get around to taking action, to bring the idea to life, that we will be able to capture everything that was flowing around inside of us at that moment when the ideas hit.

However, there are some days when we are simply out of ideas altogether. We sit and look at a proverbial blank page and nothing comes. We think that we are empty, that we will never find a solution to a problem, or know what our next step is. This can be as true in our work as in our personal lives. We all have days when we run dry.

Why is that?

The clue is in the words, We run dry. If you keep on taking from a bank account without refilling it, the bank account will, one day, be empty. We are the same. We need to refill, replenish our energetic bank account. We need to feel connected to life, not on a treadmill.

Inspiration comes not from within us, but from the greater part of us that is beyond the mind. We inspire ideas; that is, we energetically breathe them in. We can only do that when we are a fertile place for ideas to land, when we are a verdant space for ideas to grow in. When we remember that we are not the source of ideas, but the recipient.

If you are having a day when you feel uninspired, just know that this, too, shall pass. There are things you can do to help it pass quicker.

Walk Away
When you are sitting facing the proverbial blank page, stop looking at it. Get up and walk away. You are not going to change the status quo by trying. Trying is a doing verb, whereas, right now you want a being verb. Trying will not bring back your inspiration because it is not you that inspires in the first place. So, walk away. Stop trying to make it different.

Go be something else.
Go be a person who makes a cup of tea and listens to some peaceful music. Go be the person who takes themselves for a walk in the middle of the day. Go be the person who stops to meditate and reconnect with the larger part of who they truly are. Go be the person who helps someone. Change who you are being. Once you change who you are being, you can begin to feel more like yourself.

Remember other times of inspiration.
Once you have walked away, and been someone different for a while, check in and see how you feel. Lighter? Easier? More like your true Self? If you can answer yes to these thoughts, then the next step is to remind yourself how you feel when you are truly inspired. We have a cellular memory of our life experiences. Take yourself back in your mind to the time when ideas were simply flowing out of you. How did it feel? Hone in on that feeling and let it spread throughout your whole body. Revel in that feeling for a while.

Then go do something else, something fun, something not at all related to what you have been thinking about, and, out of the blue, when you are not looking for it, the inspiration will hit and you won’t be able to capture it quick enough!