Experiencing Our Children’s Milestones Through the Heart – By Michelle Johnson

Last week I watched my daughter float down the aisle into the arms of the love of her life. It was a joyous day shared with close friends and family displaying much love and support for my daughter and son in law.

Prior to the wedding day, I would find myself so emotional when I thought of my little girl getting married. I would have visions of her as a very young girl, remembering how I felt when I would gaze at her lovingly wondering what life would bring her and what she would be like as an adult. These visions were so real and my emotions so raw.

I knew I wanted to stand up at the wedding and say something so I sat down and wrote a proper speech. It was witty, touching and insightful…it was a well thought out speech I thought but did it capture what I truly wanted to say? I thought it did…until. The day before the wedding as I was on my two hour drive south to be with the bride, a flood of emotions came over me and words and phrases poured out of my heart and in to my awareness. I knew right then that I would be scrapping my original speech and had to find the time to write what was coming to me. I finally found the time that night after the rehearsal dinner, at 11 pm sitting alone on the patio of my hotel room. All it took was for me to step away from my ego and into my heart and this is what flowed on to the little hotel note pad…


It was July 1990 while on summer vacation,

I found out I was pregnant with much elation.

Four long months I didn’t feel swell,

Frequent trips to the bathroom

And roadsides as well.


Feeling better now and belly growing rounder,

Was it boy or girl I would often ponder.

Keeping gender a mystery was my choice,

Knowing in that day there would be much rejoice.


Eleven days late not a minute too soon,

A child was born and my heart was a swoon!

The doctor he said “It’s a girl!” and I crooned

“It’s my Monet, thank you God I am over the moon!”


Little bow lips, blonde hair, blue eyes,

Just one look and I was mesmerized.

Pure love, pure joy, and tenderness,

With every look and every little wet kiss.


My girl she grew with a will so strong,

So smart, so determined such a need to belong.

She found her love for Jesus and made a vow,

Compromising herself she would never allow.


My pride in her was ever growing,

My respect for her she was never knowing.

For as I had raised her, she had raised me.

We had grown together so beautifully.


With eyes so bright and her voice a song,

I knew in a heartbeat there was nothing wrong.

She had met “the one” she’d been waiting for.

He was worthy, of this I was sure.


His love was true and pure to the core,

It’s all as a mom I could ever ask for.

I then meet his family a quite amazing clan,

They are each very special and I’m a huge, huge fan!


So now as I reflect on the life of my girl,

I realize it all goes by in a great big whirl!

The day is now here to give my daughter to another,

Ready or not I will always be her mother.


My first to give away makes my heart all a flutter,

Feelings all mixed up yet never feeling better.


Because Monet my love for you,

Is no longer just single

But is now times two!


Luke you’re the one that makes her heart sing,

The one that is ready to make it solid by giving her a ring.

Blessing to you both on your new life together,

Keep it fun, laugh a lot, and keep love flowing forever!


I share this with you all because that day so many people came up to me to say that they were so touched and moved by these words and that I should share it, post it, and give a copy to my daughter. I am so happy that I sidestepped my ego that had written a ‘proper speech’ and allowed my inner guidance to receive these words and share them on such a special day.