Each Person is a Gift – by Jennifer Laurent

Each Person is a Gift by Jennifer Laurent

Every so often someone enters your life and changes its course forever. The time spent together may be brief, leaving your life as quickly as they entered, but the wisdom gained through the relationship is undeniable and invaluable. These people are gifts from the universe, gifts that guide us throughout our journey.

I recently had someone pass through my life and to be quite honest, I will never be the same again. This person entered my life and I immediately knew he was here for a reason. Our connection was quite intense as we shared our past experiences, challenged one another, and learned about new possibilities life has to offer. Just as quickly as the relationship began though, it found its end.  For me, there was some disappointment, but the most extraordinary feelings were of gratitude and love. I had been challenged to grow beyond my previous limits and to break through invisible boundaries. Through this brief encounter I had suddenly opened my heart to an entirely new experience of love. My life was forever changed and my heart forever opened.

Marianne Williamson says that people enter our lives as assignments. We are meant to perhaps learn from them, teach them, and grow. Certain people are meant to stay in our lives forever, while others are meant to leave. If we are conscious to our experiences, we can find great importance in every single person we come across, from our doctor, the cab driver, the grocery clerk, strangers, friends, and love interests. By seeing every single encounter with purpose, our experiences become more enriched and suddenly we connect with the gratitude that we feel for every single person we meet. We begin to understand that the importance in relating with others is not where the relationship is going, but rather what is being experienced between two people in the immediate moment. We become more present and grateful, and in turn our experiences become more enriched.

Each and every time we meet someone, we have no idea why they are there, where our time with them is going, how long they will stay, or what we will learn. We can only allow ourselves to be fully present and open to experiencing whatever it is that we have to offer to one another. It is so important that we allow ourselves this space of relating to one another as it is in this space that we are able to give and receive fully. We are able to relate without expectation, trusting and knowing that all we need to know is in the present moment. What could have been a time of sadness and discouragement for me has instead become a time of gratitude and love. Our encounter was meant to be brief, as our assignment with one another included lessons that were quickly learned. Our encounter was brief, but the wisdom that has resulted is life changing.