Don’t Shoot The Messenger

“All addictions are always about fear. Often, the greater the fear, the greater the power trip.”

I had never looked at myself as a “power tripper.” Because of my lack of awareness, I missed many messages from people whom I had perceived as less than. Subconsciously, of course. When in denial, we don’t take the time to observe our self-righteous ego and the truth of whom we are being (not who we really are). We wear our filter and see through the lense of fear about the very people who could have messages FOR us. A funnel of guidance, if you will, that could be straight from the source of oneness. In my past way of thinking and programming, this was usually alcoholics or drug addicts. At times, I would have the “talk to the hand” mentality, thinking that anything they would have to say was skewed, worthless, and probably a lie resulting from being under the influence. If they did advise me on some tidbit that caused my buttocks to clench, I would really shoot the messenger.  I didn’t remember that the truth would set me free. If only I was simply willing to go through the pain of hearing it.

Just recently, I was around someone who was under the influence of something. What? None of my business. My first instinct was to run. Why bother? I thought. My heart replied, Why would you not bother?

“I am perceiving everyone, including myself, as an awakening being who is here to claim his or her birthright to the higher consciousness planes of unconditional love and oneness.” – Ken Keyes Jr.


As I sat with this dear messenger, actually listening to their soul (with some necessary filtering), I was blown away in an I-needed-to-hear-this kind of way. Many messages came through, all of them worthy, whether I liked them or not. Gratitude, love, and encouragement was given. To think, I almost missed the opportunity to choose love and not receive the beautiful gifts bestowed straight from Source.

This brings me to write about the oh-so-popular (and supposedly spiritual) opinion of avoiding people with whom we trigger ourselves. You know, …those people who are sooo NOT a part of our spiritual tribe. The energy suckers, vampires, and downers. We tell ourselves the story that we are living lovers and THEY are not. While others often think that THEY are unworthy of respect, they create boundaries (rather than bridges) while pleading and/or bargaining to God for THEM to change.

Well, have you ever pondered this: That we need to be the ones to change, too? That we are ALL living lovers, including the “so-called” awakening a**hole? And that those messengers or awakening beings, masking as narcissists, could actually be here FOR you? Here to strengthen you? Here for you to experience forgiveness and unconditional love? Without cold, we would not experience hot. Without THEM, we would not have the opportunity to be humbled enough to choose to go through our own shadow, taming the mind monster. Let me keep it simple: without the representation of fear, we would not experience love.

Instead of remembering the truth, we judge, finger point, and snub our noses at the messenger who could be the very one, helping us to be who we really are. That there was nothing to forgive in the first place. All a part of the divine plan. But instead, we say with all our might: “WE are the light workers of the world, and THEY are not.”

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.” – Sir Walter Scott

Yes, we are practiced, unaware of the fact that we, beings of light, are deceiving ourselves. We have abandoned our heart and listened to man, instead.

Sound familiar?

Forgive yourself. You are innocent.

And, so are they.

With all my heart,