Dear Me…..

(In 2010 I completed a 6 month yoga teaching certification program. My instructor had us compose letters to ourselves during the last class. These were letters that we would seal and give to her so that she could then mail them to us when she felt the time was right. I received my letter approximately a year later during a time when I was questioning my choices and the place in which I found myself in my life. I am so grateful to her kind, creative, and brilliant heart as this letter to myself has been a true gift to me as I have journeyed along my path in this universe.)


Dear Me,

This experience has meant more to me than I ever could have imagined. I sit here today so emotional, feeling so proud of myself. I did it! Completed this training and did well. I have found a new piece within myself that is ready to exist in this world. I am not sure where it will bring me, but it is now alive within me and I welcome it with open arms. I can’t believe I have come to the place where I find myself wanting to teach. Wanting to share me and some of what I hold inside me. It feels really good and really scary at the same time.

I am different now. Different from the person I was when I began this training. I have a new purpose. I have new meaning. I have a confidence and centeredness that did not exist in me before. I have found passion within myself that previously was dull or non-existent.

The challenge for me now is to not let this die away because it is easier to just go back to where I was. Aspects of change will prove to be difficult at times, but I hope to remember to trust myself and where I need to be. It is funny, I have recently understood what it means to trust my breath in my yoga practice. This helps me to understand the way I need to trust myself in my life. Know that my breath, who I am, will take me wherever it is I need to go. No matter what, I will be OK. As long as I live true to me and all that I have the potential to be.

So, this is a note to me, a reminder not to dim my light. Not to try to be like everyone else. Just to be me…as big as that may be. As different as that may be. As challenging as that may be.

I love you,