Coming Together

Lately I have been thinking a great deal about just how powerful, inspiring, and creative each and every one of us is. We have all journeyed down our own unique paths, experiencing the world in our own unique way, acquiring an abundance of knowledge and wisdom. We hold so much inside of us with the potential to inspire greatness, assist others in need, and transform the world. We hold all of this, but for some reason can seem so reluctant to share.

I see this a great deal with women and have always wondered why us women can be so hard on one another. We can be competitive, catty, and quite frankly downright unkind to one another. For whatever reasons, we often want to push other women down in order to rise above or seem more important. In our attempt to be better than, we hold back all of the beautiful wisdom and potential within us. In the end, we not only hinder others from growing but hinder ourselves as well.

I truly believe that when we all come together in community and choose to help one another to succeed, we as individuals and as society achieve greatness. Lately I have been privileged to experience an amazing group of individuals as I prepare to launch my book Excerpts From the Heart of a Mom. I have been connecting with writers, bloggers, parents, business owners, and healers all eager to share their wisdom and offer me assistance on my journey. I have received this with deep gratitude and an eagerness to share my own wisdom as well.

I have noticed that as we come together as community, an excitement and sense of togetherness truly does develop. Ideas are shared and then quickly built upon until they seem to take on a life of their own, becoming much more powerful and possible.  I have noticed that the more we are willing to share with others and build one another up the higher we are all lifted together. We do not lose at all by letting go of the things we hold onto within, rather we obtain a lightness that allows us to fly and soar higher than we ever could have imagined. Connect with all you hold within, share it with the world around you, and watch the beauty that will unfold.