I have just finished up a thirty day cleanse and detoxification. I am truly happy to have faced the challenge and just as happy to be finished. I decided to embark on this adventure as a part of a new beginning I have been creating for myself. I have been spending time focusing inwardly, clearing up past traumas, clearing out energy, and resolving anything within me that has hindered me from moving forward to where I intend to be in my life. As a final piece to this segment of my journey, I decided that I wanted to cleanse internally as well. My thought was, since we hold everything we have ever experienced, emotional and physical, in our gut that I would like to clean out any negativity that may be remaining inside to make room for all the positivity presently surrounding my life. My journey through this cleansing program has been educational, uncomfortable, and life changing.

As I made my way through the program I found I was facing different challenges along the way. Beginning with not eating food for days at a time, I was faced with the challenge of willpower and withdrawal. Would I have the strength to resist the urge to eat all while withdrawing myself from the addictive qualities that certain foods offer. I found myself craving certain things like tea, sweets, and even meat, even though I have not eaten meat in 2 years.

I was faced with the challenge of resting and allowing my body to heal. I was informed that rest is the most essential piece to the puzzle when we are asking our bodies to heal. Since I am a person that is always on the move, constantly creating and doing, I wondered if I would have the ability to sit still and rest for days at a time. What I found was that in the first days of the cleansing process I was tired and had such difficulty concentrating, that I welcomed the chance to rest and found great comfort in the ability to simply be.

I assumed as I made my way thought this process that I would find myself easily frustrated, impatient, and angry. I thought that the lack of food, disruption to my regular life, and release of years of emotion would bring up a great deal of negativity for me. I even prepped my son and let him know what I was about to go through. I knew that I needed to find a way to allow my emotions to come through while taking care of his needs first. As in most things I do in parenting, we made this a game and my son decided he would cheer me along over the upcoming days. I was so pleasantly surprised to watch as I felt calmer, more centered, and at peace than I had in a long time. I certainly had my moments, but hearing my son do a cheer for me was enough to make me laugh instantly.

The process overall has been eye opening to say the least. I think it is an important experience in life to put oneself in uncomfortable situations. These are moments that challenge us and test our boundaries. They are moments that allow us to expand and understand ourselves at new and deeper levels. They are also moments that allow us an opportunity to further connect with others as we grow in compassion and understanding for living in states of discomfort. I started this process seeking to physically cleanse and now sit in gratitude for the depth of learning and wisdom that I have been granted.

I did my cleanse under a doctors care, Dr. Bo Wagner. There are so many different types of cleanses and detoxifications, if you are thinking of doing one yourself, do the research to find the one that is right for you.