Clean-Up Aisle Attitude

Four ways things go wrong – in the right direction

In preparation for a dinner party, my sister accompanied me to our local grocery store. This particular one has been known to have an “incident” or two in the crime section, so I always keep a watchful eye out when making my way through the parking lot.

As soon as we shut the car door, we heard some intense swearing directly behind us. My sister clutched her mace.

There was no imminent danger… only an infuriated cart boy.

He was having quite a time navigating the carts. One would break off in front and jam the rest, or one would veer to another direction and cause the entire line to go off course. He was struggling, that was for sure.

As he continued in his tirade, a non-pedestrian-friendly car almost hit his cart-line. That was the last straw for this buggy boy. He bestowed an extended “gesture” to the car, then proceeded to slam the line of carts into the automatic doors, which were slow on their “automatic” duties that evening.

Once the doors finally cooperated with his efforts, he stormed into the cart lobby, once again slamming the carts into the wall, this time on purpose. There was an elderly lady getting in her motorized shopping-cart that looked absolutely petrified.

My sister and I, in typical fashion, were trying not to gag on our contained laughter. I thought I had a long day until I witnessed his calamity.

I wonder how many of us have thrown a fit such as this, and unbeknownst to us, people witnessed it; and probably either laughed or shook their head in bewilderment at our behavior?

  1. Maybe you were fed up with customer service and slammed the phone after being on hold for three minutes.
  2. Did your waiter put in the wrong order for your dinner and you caused a scene?
  3. Were you suppose to get 30% off and the cashier forgot to ring it up?
  4. Did your appointment get bumped due to overbooking?

There are tons of things that can go wrong in a day, if we choose to look at it that way.  Let’s try a reframe, shall we?

  1. You could choose to enjoy the hold music and have some quite time.
  2. Keep the meal they brought you and try something new for a change.
  3. Kindly remind the cashier of the discount, thus helping them perfect the accuracy of their job.
  4. Use the time you would have spent at your appointment doing errands or grab lunch with a buddy.

We can’t always control what happens to us, but we can always control how we react –and turn that reaction into a positive response.

In the days ahead, ask yourself how you would view your behavior if you were watching yourself as an outside person. Are you displaying a “cart boy” observance?  Frustration happens, but grace can take care of that. Start your day asking for grace to be your sidekick — inconveniences will soon give way to new opportunities, more than you’ll ever know.