Bless Your Babies – By Susan Leahy

This blog is simple and short. But if you are a parent or a parent to be I am sharing this with you because I want to inspire a conversation about how you bless your babies!!  We always say what a blessing babies are but what if each baby when they arrived had their own individual, special, unique blessing waiting for them, a blessing that they would hear each and everyday of their life.  A unique blessing to take with them when they are no longer our children but adults living their own lives.  Could we shift the self-esteem of our children? Could this intentional blessing help them to feel the confidence we want they to feel?


It is my hope that this blog might inspire you to write a special blessing for your babies. These are the blessings that I wrote for my babies when they were still in my tummy.  These blessings have now become a song that I sing to them each night at bedtime.  I am sharing them to inspire the conversation about how you bless your babies.  What I am sharing is just one example…after reading my offering please take a moment to share yours.  Our babies deserve it!! I am hoping my sharing inspires a larger conversation and I am hoping your sharing with continue the conversation.  Our babies are worth it…after all they are a blessing!!!


“Welcome Lady Patrick, to planet Earth. There is nothing you cannot do or be or have. May you and your life be blessed to embody all of the divinity and grace of your highest- self.  We are glad you are here.  Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you’ve imagined.  Dream Big, Dream Big, Dream Big.”

“Greetings Connor J. and welcome to your life.  It is yours to live. Surrender to your bountiful, beautiful, perfect self.  Walk your path in confidence, trusting that you are enough.  Fill your life with joy and the adventures of your choosing. Play, laugh and feel gratitude for you are blessed.”