Be the Love You Want to See in the World – By Michelle Johnson

I’ve noticed lately that some people are so hyped up and anxious at times that they can barely catch their breath. It reminds me of where I have been in certain times of my life and just how far I’ve come in my spiritual growth and practices.

I remember very vividly those times when I was so nervous or angry about something that it was all I could think about, sort of like a cyclone of negative energy swirling around me sucking away my very breath. I would speak so fast to everyone in run on sentences, losing my train of thought and feeling like I just couldn’t catch my breath. Sometimes I would be lucky enough for someone to say, “Michelle, just breathe!”

Those two little words, just breathe, are more than just a suggestion…in doing so, it is what sustains us. When we take the time to slow our breathing and take deep cleansing breaths and couple it with thoughts of being pure love and light, it shifts the energy that surrounds us. What is even more exciting to me is that I’ve learned that when I’m ‘holding a space’ of pure love and light for someone experiencing an energetic cyclone, they tend to start calming down, breathing more slowly and their negative energy transforms in to a lighter sense of being. How awesome is that!? We can assist others by aligning ourselves with Christ Consciousness/Divine Love and remaining calm and in turn not get sucked in to their negativity.

I’ve found that since I’ve incorporated daily morning meditation in to my life, that I have been able to access and maintain a higher level of consciousness throughout the day. The sad thing is that it’s taken me so long to actually make meditation a priority in my life! I’ve know for years how important it is and would give it a whirl from time to time, but it was only when I made a serious commitment to do it first thing in the morning that it really stuck. It’s twenty to thirty minutes of what I refer to as my ‘Divine Download’. In doing this, I fill myself with Divine love and light in order to share it with the world.


We are each a beacon of light here to shine brightly! For where there is light, no darkness can exist. So, meditate, hold a space of love and light for others and shine your light in the world!