All You Need Is …

“All you need is Love.”

Have you heard this one? Of course, you have. Let’s sing The Beatles’ song together, shall we? I have inspired myself to write about the only truth. A truth I can speak and write about with humble authority. Not because I have been told, or read it to be so. Not because I believe it, or it even sounds good.  I have experienced the truth of Love’s grace where fear has nowhere for its tentacles to grow. Where all was perfect, an utter state of emotional bliss; and then, my mind showed up, challenging me to sustain love or bow to my own fear.

1. Love is a choice.

– Some of you may think that Fear is necessary in order to get out of dangerous situations.

Fear is the absence of Love. Fear is the challenger and Love is the teacher. Yes, we have our fight or flight response, but I would not call this fear. It is Love’s compass, waking us up to the “what is”. Our human reaction to a car running into us, the diagnosis of cancer, a love affair abruptly ending, or an assassin about to take our life, is our initial red flag. Fear is the story we put around our adrenalin coursing through our veins just seconds after we have awoken to the “what is”.

The Light Of Love Is Always Stronger Than The Darkness Of Fear.”

Not sometimes, ALWAYS. Once we recognize that our life is being challenged, we have the choice to humble ourselves in surrender and hear the Holy Spirit of truth, our greatest advisor. We have the choice to remember that our experience on the earth plane is temporary, and that the real world hides behind the curtain of death. We have the choice to not scare ourselves with the illusion and to trust that all is well, always. It is only then that our choices will be made for the world’s highest potential. Even if that means to die without a fight. It is our choice to remember that we are indeed, “Powerful beyond measure.”

– Some of you may think that “success is the best revenge”, and that it was revenge that motivated you to be creative in all your endeavors. Success is measured by how much you choose to love. All the revenge in the world won’t create peace. It just won’t.

Revenge and love do not abide together.

“When you are choosing love, no one can take advantage of you. You are doing what your heart says, and you must do that no matter what. You are at the whims of no one and no thing.”

2. Love is a discipline.

It is a choice we make again and again. Just like anything else. The more we practice, the stronger the muscle.  Sometimes when you first begin to exercise, the muscle becomes very sore and you want to quit. This is the time to commit to continue. It is simple and with practice becomes easy.

3. Love Works

When we choose Love, and discipline ourselves with its truth, we remember that it is all that we need.

Forever and even then,