A Thank You Letter Changed My Life

Birthday’s that usher in a new decade of life seem to also usher in a higher level of self-reflection. As I turned 40 last April, my self-reflection happened in the form of a letter to my younger self.  The process of “writing a letter to myself” was suggested to me by a very dear friend. What I loved as I started writing this letter was that the letter soon turned into a THANK YOU LETTER.  This whole process really made me reflect about how I relate to all parts of myself.

  •  My past self
  •  My present self
  •  My future self
  •  My spiritual self

How many times do we hear people say “how stupid” or “how young and naïve” they used to be? It is totally acceptable to talk badly about your past self in the present.  What if we looked back at ourselves in pure appreciation, gratitude and love? I am not saying that we love every situation or event, but we love the person. We appreciate the person who had to find his or her way through the situation or event. Bad things happen but bad things do not make you a bad person. What if we looked back not wishing we were different but holding without judgment who we were?  I realized through writing this THANK YOU LETTER that loving myself is rooted in my relationship with my past self.  You have to practice! Practice, loving all of “you”. Practice, appreciating all of “you”. Practice, thanking all of “you”.

I decided to share my THANK YOU LETTER after re-reading this letter as I sat on the couch feeling less than motivated.  As I read it, I found an energy generating in my chest. I felt my heart loving myself in the present a bit more.  I found myself appreciating my present journey a bit more.  Through thanking and appreciating my past, I was able to thank and appreciate my present that much more.

My practice during my 40th year is re-reading this letter whenever I am feeling disappointed, overwhelmed, sad, demotivated, or just low energy.  I imagine I will read these words a lot this year, but I am excited about the energy loving my past will generate in my present!

My invitation to you is to write yourself a THANK YOU LETTER and post it here! The more appreciation we can generate, the more love that we can manifest! Thank you for being you!!!

Letter to THANK my younger self – 

From ME who is about to turn 40!


So here I am about to turn 40 and I wanted to create some space to say thank you! I want to say THANK YOU to my younger self.  I want to thank you for who you have always been and I want you to be excited for who you are becoming.  Your energy and love for life has taken you to so many fun and exciting places and has introduced you to so many amazing people.  Thank you for your energy and your curiosity!! I promise I will stay energetic and stay curious for you!  

Thank you for never out growing fun! I love that you always find more joy!! I love how joyful you are. I love how much fun you like to have!  Life is supposed to feel good!! I know that you have known this from a young age and this still remains so very true.  

Life IS supposed to feel good!

You never came here for the struggle.  While the struggle might be part of the process it isn’t the entire process. Thank you for focusing on JOY, LOVE, LIGHT, ENERGY, HAPPINESS and CONNECTION. What you focused on is what you created! Thank you for the JOY, LOVE, LIGHT, ENERGY, HAPPINESS, and CONNECTION you have allowed me to experience during this journey. 

Thank you for taking risks. Thank you for raising your hand, standing up, speaking out, looking silly and even for offending people.  It is still true to this day and for the rest of your life, not everyone is going to like you…but I love that you have committed to liking yourself! I also love how much you love people.  I love that you love people not based on what they give you but because it feels better to love them. You don’t have to be friends to love someone.  You just have to hold them in a space of love and let them live their life.  Susan, you are worth liking and it is so ok that not everyone likes you back.  This lesson continues to be a difficult one but is so rich for you to continue to learn about your capacity to love! 

You are strong and open and generous and you give people permission to step more fully into their own life. Keep giving yourself the same level of permission that you give others. In fact give yourself more! Keep opening and growing and seeking joy! You are a joy seeking being that is ever evolving and expanding.  Your life is yours to create. You are the chooser. You are the creator. You get to make it all up!  

The first 40 years of your life has been such a gift! I want to sincerely thank you for that gift.  Thank you for how you have lived! Thank you for working on your stuff and for showing up and not being perfect.  Thank you for being committed to the process.  Thank you for the work you have done and for the fun you have had.  Thank you for your openness, your nakedness and your playfulness. 

I want to promise to you that I will continue on the path that you have set for me.  I will continue to take risks. I will continue to love deeply. I will continue to have fun and grow.  I will continue to grow, expand and learn more about my capacity. I commit to surprise myself and do things that I am afraid of.  Over these next 40 years I am going to give myself even greater permission to play even more full out!  I am excited for what I am going to create and for the experiences that are ahead.  Thank you Susan!  You have been my greatest teacher, my greatest friend and my greatest gift!!  I love you today and always!! 

Smiles and know that you are loved!

Susan Leahy