A Space for Tolerance

“Those who give us difficulty provide us with the opportunity to develop tolerance” – The Dalai Lama

I first heard this quote many years ago and wrote it into my book of cherished quotes and sayings. Over the years I have thought of it often and attempted to not only apply it, but to truly understand it and embrace it. As with most quotes, they make sense in theory, but then attempting to truly live them is a whole other story. I don’t know about you, but most times when someone else has “given me difficulty” I have had a difficult time finding the space for gratitude and the clarity to see in it the opportunity. Mostly I would get annoyed, frustrated, and mad, disturbing any peace I may have had in my heart.

As I have journeyed down my path, I have come to understand that any difficulty I encounter in my life is there for me as a lesson. It is created by me to help me learn and to grow, and is created by me because it is what I need in the moment, what I am calling into my life as the answer. The difficulties I encounter provide me with the opportunity to find a way to take a step back in order to find space in my heart to allow whatever is to exist. I have felt these words spoken by the Dalai Lama resonate more deeply with me over time and have felt myself grow closer to fully inhabiting their meaning.

As I move through my journey in time, I find I am experiencing the difficulties and challenges in my life in a completely different way than before. I have found the space for tolerance, allowing whatever it is to simply be, knowing that it is a small piece of the grand masterpiece of my life. I no longer feel the peace and contentment of my being threatened or overwhelmed. I no longer allow fear to disturb the truth in my heart. I have found a way to have faith in the universe, knowing that the wisdom from these moments will one day present itself to me. Somehow, I have found the space for gratitude and the clarity to see the opportunity of tolerance.

Even though certain challenges we face may threaten to overwhelm us, if we can find our way to allowing them to exist, we can find peace in our heart. Every single thing, both good and bad, that comes our way is a gift, a gift that we have somehow called towards us, a gift that can allow us to grow and from which we can acquire great wisdom. If we can find the space to see that difficulties are simply small pieces of the puzzle or one stroke of the great masterpiece, we can find our way to tolerance. Find our way to allowing for the existence and gratitude of what is.