4 Holiday Recipes for Kids

4 holiday recipes for kids

The holiday season is a time for fun and laughter. Enjoy time as a family creating with one another in ways that can be silly as well as inspiring.


1. Create Vision Boards – This one isn’t exactly a recipe, rather more of an arts and craft activity. On New Years Eve/Day join together to create your own individual Vision Boards. Gather art supplies, magazines, photos, and crafts and work together cutting, gluing, and drawing, allowing your child to create a vision for what they are intending in the upcoming year. Hang the board somewhere that it can be seen daily. These vibrant, colorful, and inspiring boards are a helpful reminder of hopes, dreams, and aspirations that your child is working toward during the year. Vision boards are a creative way to give children a chance to create goals and work toward them over time.

2. Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom is an inspiring blog that supplies delicious recipes for baking healthy holiday cookies with your children.

3. Create a gingerbread house with graham crackers and icing. PBS Kids supplies simple instructions for kids.

4. MyRecipes.com has a slideshow of creative treats for kids to make. A personal favorite is the marshmallow snowmen!

**Remember there are healthier options by using gluten free and/or organic items for these recipes.**