4 Behaviors Every Strong Woman Needs to Know

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Any time women come together with a collective intention, it’s a powerful thing. Whether it’s sitting down making a quilt, in a kitchen preparing a meal, in a club reading the same book, around the table playing cards, or planning a birthday party, when women come together with a collective intention, magic happens.” – Phylicia Rashad

When women are able to stand in their divine femininity, they become connected to source in a pure and powerful way. There is a light and a force that emanates from their being, a magnetic quality that surrounds them. They become a source of inspiration for the people in their life, making choices to build others up and help them to shine. When women come to a space of true strength, they learn to harness their vulnerability as a source of connection, rather than using it as a reason for self-protection.

For many women, it is a struggle to get to this place. Competition, jealousy, and sometimes cruelty, become a part of female culture as early as most girls can remember. We click off, shut one another out, and push each other away, learning that fellow girls can’t be trusted. We end up working against one another, finding fault in our friends, and preparing ourselves to be hurt. There are many theories as to why we do this to one another, and why this has become part of the female culture, though, reasons aside, the end result is that by adopting these false beliefs, we rob ourselves of our own connection to the powerful and pure female energy we possess and the magic that can be created when we embrace the women around us.

There are four specific ways in which strong women interact with the females around them.

  1. Strong women reflect back each other’s light within, their greatness.
    When you look at yourself in their eyes, you are reminded of the best possible version of yourself. Inspired to live to that potential.
  2. Strong women openly and willingly compliment one another whenever and wherever they can.
    Compliments not only feel good to receive, they also are a message to us that we are being seen, that we are noticed.
  3. Strong women celebrate one another’s accomplishments and successes.
    Going beyond allowing one another to shine, they help make their successes known, truly delighting in one another’s special moments.
  4. Strong women are able to provide genuine friendship, rather than simply be a cheerleader.
    Loving each other enough to be the voice of reason, call one another out when necessary, and be honest from the deepest and truest parts of oneself and with the intention of love requires strength and vulnerability.

As I have journeyed through my life, stumbling at times, I have held a deep sense of gratitude for the strong women that have entered my life. Women who inspire, encourage, and support me, and those around them. Women who have struggled through the negativity, uncovering the truth about these false beliefs, and adopting a new way of standing in their own feminine energy in the world, I have learned from them, co-created with them, and experienced the magic that truly does occur when women come together with intention. I am blessed. I am grateful. I am forever learning.